Parwaan Preschool Business Opportunity

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Parwaan offers affordable and profitable Preschool business – Ideal for educated youth especially women


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PARWAAN Preschool business is an innovative and sustainable solution for providing quality early childhood education – creating business opportunities.

Parwaan has emerged as a successful preschool business model in various areas of Pakistan – supporting school readiness and equipping the preschoolers with essential future skills.

This model is endorsed by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training.

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Parwaan Preschool Business Opportunity


Our Goal
Create a national and international priority and commitment towards Early Childhood Care and Development.

Overview of The Program
Parwaan E9 Centre of Excellence is a joint collaboration between the Federal Ministry of Education and Children’s Global Network. Parwaan will be a coordination point for the five provinces and FATA and AJK on policy and interventions for public and low cost private schools. It will be the most important link between E9 countries to share information and good practices on ECCD. Early childhood refers to the period between birth and 6 (sometimes 8) years of life.

ILMPOSSIBLE-Take A Child To School

Our Goal
Our goal is to enroll 135,000 out of school children in primary schools in Pakistan and to retain at least 80% through a complete primary cycle by December 2016.

ILMPOSSIBLE - Take A Child To School is implemented by the British Council Pakistan with close partnerships with Children’s Global Network (CGN), School of Leadership Foundation and Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN).

1001 Nights

Our Goal
To reveal the hidden strands of civic education present in the curriculum and facilitate a novel medium of education for effective learning.

Our Challenge
In the current times children are slowly drifting away from moral values such as honesty, integrity, non-violence etc. This is due to various factors including the content children watch on television, parental neglect amongst many others. To inculcate and embed these qualities CGN-P in collaboration with FDE has launched this Civic Education Program. The existing curriculum has been designed to make children aware of the civic values but lacks implementation. Through this program CGN-P aims to implement the program in schools all over Pakistan.

Skills for Employability

Our Goal
Giving Youth the opportunity to enhance skills, overcome unemployment, and make them aware of their civic responsibility to tackle education emergency by initiating their own educational enterprise


  • A program that focuses, entrepreneurial and management skills to selected individuals to enable them to open their own private schools.
  • Initiated in South Punjab 400 youth trained in four districts.
  • Replicated in Mardan and Swabi to train 300 education entre preneurs, scaled up in Nowshera and Mardan for 600 entrepreneur

Building Skills for Life

Our Goal
Our Goal is to establish Post Primary Education Centers / Non-Formal Education Centers for girls between ages 13 – 19 years and enhancing Access to Post Primary (elementary & secondary) Schools and Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) for Girls.

Our Challenge
The greatest challenge is motivating parents in the communities which are present in rural areas where girls have no access to the schools. It can be evaluated from the data presented in the table below that the number of educational institutions for males and females in Muzaffargarh is alarmingly low.